The Scratchiest Scratch Project.

Here is my first coding project on Scratch. In the words of a girl I gave a love letter to, "it's a little cringe worthy!" I hope I become smarter and can rush back and bash out something better soon. But hey, here's to staying to the learning in public course. Check out my project.

Scratching my head with Scratch

Writing a little program on Scratch, the MIT beginners programming language. My program is obviously simple but getting used to some of the functions in a fun way. Wasn't enjoying learning programming today, but I set my timer for 1 hr and didn't stop until it rang. It helped. I felt better after 1/2 hr. … Continue reading Scratching my head with Scratch


Signed up to the Harvard X CS50 introduction course. I love it. The base language of computers is 0 and 1 or ON or OFF. Basically because a computer needs electricity to run. So, a computer is either ON or OFF. A computer runs in bits. Bits are multiples of 2, so: 1, 2, 4, … Continue reading Binary

Switch Statement?

Im not exactly sure how the switch statement goes. Even though Ive done the “freecodecamp” exercises, Im still confused as to why and how it is used? *Update Looked at W3 School to understand. Sometimes, although I love freecodecamp I need to look at other resources to understand simply.